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Residential FAQ

1. How much does residential painting cost?

Prices can vary based on factors like the size of the project, type of paint, and surface condition. It's best to get a personalized estimate.  Generally speaking, it costs about $600 per average sized bedroom (10’ x 12’).

 2. How long will the painting project take?

The duration depends on the scope of work. Most interior re-painting can be completed within a week. If it’s new construction, it will take more time as new drywall needs to be primed and there is more preparation work like caulking/putty.

3. Do I need to prepare the walls before painting?

You remove art work if you can.  For larger pieces, we can help move them off the wall. With regard to preparation work, we handle all the filling and sanding and this will be outlined on our estimate sheet.

4. What type of paint should I use for specific rooms?

Different areas (bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms) may require different types of paint due to moisture levels or cleaning needs.  On ceilings, we recommend an ultra flat waterborne latex product that provides flawless results.  For walls – eggshell latex and for Trim – Pearl or Semi-gloss, depending on your personal preference.

5. Is there a warranty on the painting work?

Yes, there is a two year warranty on all surfaces that are not walked on against blistering and/or peeling.

Commercial FAQ

1. Can you work around business hours?

Yes. We can accommodate business hours by working afternoon, evenings and weekends. 

 2. Do you have experience with commercial projects of a large scale?

Yes! We have painted the exterior and interior of apartment buildings, manufacturing plants, retail/commercial, animal/veterinary hospital and places of worship.

3. How will you ensure safety during the painting process?

Safety is crucial in commercial spaces. All painters are experienced and certified for use of scissor and boom lifts along with airless industrial spraying equipment.  We use low-VOC paints, proper equipment, and adhere to all safety regulations.

4. What is your cleanup process after completing the job?

All floor paper is removed and discarded along with any masking tape/plastic.  All areas are swept and vacuumed to clean up dust after painting is completed.  Furniture is put back if the customer needs help in doing do.  Understand how the painting crew will clean up the site to ensure it's ready for regular business operations.

5. Can you provide references or examples of previous projects?

Yes, please see our homestars profile where most of our reviews are domiciled.

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